Spring Rug Crushes

Happy Tuesday Friends!

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite rugs this spring season that I am currently crushing on.  Since I am in the midst of an office makeover, I am contemplating one of these rugs for my office!  I love the fresh spring vibe of  rug selections at LuLu and Georgia .  Here are my top favs:


For some reason I am drawn to pink this season, it has always been my favorite color even as a little girl.   Lu Lu and Georgia is offering a 15% off your first purchase if you join their email list.   Which rug do you like?  What are your favorite rugs this season?

Have a Happy Tuesday friends!



Casual Spring Striped Dress Styled 3 Ways

I wanted to share this striped dress and how I style it 3 different ways on the blog today!    I bought this Forever 21 dress last year, and I love it!   Continue reading

My Top 7 Picks on the Current Chair Trend: The Swivel Chair

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Magnolia Silos Visit on NYE 2016

Hi there!  Okay, I am super embarrassed to post this, because its way over due, but have been meaning to share with you our visit to the Silos in Waco.   And I’m happy to say that I have finally forced myself  “y’all” to carve out some time to write this post.  Just editing the pictures brings back the joyous memories that I had that beautiful warm sunny and windy day!  We flew to Dallas, TX over the New Year with our sweet friends, the Kramers,  to watch our fellow Western Michigan University Broncos play in the Cotton Bowl.  And so I HAD to talk my family into making the drive from Dallas down to Waco to see the Silos.  It was easy, ALL of us girls wanted to go, so the boys politely agreed.    We went on New Years Day which was a nice warm and windy day, and it was a dream come true for me.  My daughter, Kiley, took over the camera and shot most of the pictures for me because I was like a kid in a giant candy store just overwhelmed by the experience of this place.  Enjoy the pictures, we took way too many, but here are my top favorites I wanted to share….AND the boys and husbands actually had a fun time and thought this place was pretty cool too.  I look forward to going back again sometime soon, and if you have any questions about this magical place, let me know!



My sweet kiddos


We had the privilege of meeting Joanna’s Mom!



Even the Bathroom House was cute!



Our final picture before we left.


Sliding Door in Kitchen

So since we moved into this house, I have wanted to hang a sliding door specifically in the kitchen separating the mudroom and kitchen walkway.  And this summer, for my birthday present,  I finally urged one talented family member to help me.  Here is the sliding door that my father-in-law and I made together and hung.  It took a few hours to build and then several hours to install.  But we did it, and I am so happy and pleased with it.  My FIL said to me after the install,  “Listen, I am not for hire for any more of these!”  LOL, it WAS a bit stressful, but we managed through it.   Here are a few pics, first few shots are from my iPhone, sorry for the poor quality.  I followed the “How to Build A Barn Door”  tutorial from The Handmade Home.  You can find the tutorial on her blog site here: The Handmade Home    And I ordered my horseshoe track and hardware from Artisan Hardware.  img_0013-2 img_0014-2 img_0016-2 img_0018-2 img_0020-2 img_0021-2

Dad admiring our work with  a cup of coffee brewed special for him by me.img_5431 img_5437 img_5438

Teen Bohemian Bedroom Makeover

I was honored to help my daughter’s friend with her room makeover.  It was indeed in need of an update.  Not a total overhaul, just a few tweeks here and there, paint color and a few accessories and organizational items.  Here are a few iPhone shots (sorry about the quality) that I took of her room the day I had a consultation with her and her sweet mom!IMG_5625 IMG_5628

IMG_5623 IMG_5620 IMG_5550She knew she wanted to have a  “Boho”  vibe, and told be she must have a Bohemian Tapestry in her room somewhere in the color scheme of  blue, green white and black.  I found this Tapestry on Easy and she loved it.  It shipped from India and was pretty affordable.  We decided on a new paint color for walls, based on the tapestry, and then I took her and my daughter out shopping to select some special accessory pieces.   I  also ordered some things online and bought some things locally.  Her parents painted her room and when that was finished, I took everything over for the final install.  Here are the after pictures of her room:

IMG_2697IMG_2704IMG_2701IMG_2717IMG_2721IMG_2705IMG_2710IMG_2709Little changes make a BIG difference.   We kept her dresser, just spray painted brass hardware to black finish.  We also kept her desk that she now uses as a vanity.  I did purchase storage towers for organization and more storage for her closet.    It was fun working on this project and I  hope she is keeping her room neat and tidy, “wink wink!”

Fireplace Makeover

Oh my lordy, I am typing a blog entry!  It has been a crazy long time.  I am excited to share with you dear friends/clients of mine, the Righter family.  A while back, they hired me to help them with their fireplace wall.  They both knew what they wanted, so I took all their ideas and made them a sketch.  You see, Julie, my friend/client is extremely lucky because her husband, Jim, is super talented and can build stuff, amazing stuff!    If my hubby could build things that I wanted, we most likely would be drowning in never ending projects that I of course would be designing and he would be building, and we would probably would have 2 or 3 more kids! Just kidding!  Well, but maybe not!

Anyway, so Jim took my sketch and added dimensions and over his spare time worked on building it.   I am completely in love with how it turned out as are they!  So lets take a look…. Here are the before iPhone pictures, (sorry, I did not take any before with my nice camera) with one set of cabinets installed on the right.

iPhone May 2015 330

And here are the progress pictures….

photo 2

And here is Jim working….

photo 1

Oh and he cut out a hole in the wall to open up the dining/kitchen area looking into the family room…and silly me, I totally forgot to take after shots of this cut out. I mean I interrupted their dinner time to take the final shoot, so I will take blame that I was quickly moving along so that they could eat in peace.

photo 1 copy

photo 3 copy

Again, here is the  Before…

iPhone May 2015 330

And now After!

Um shiplap, Drool!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!



Thanks Righters for allowing me to help you on this beautiful project in your home!  I am so happy for you and how you are both putting your personal touches on this home to make it yours.

Here is the sweet Righter Family who had their family portraits done by the talented Tara Fletcher of http://www.tarafletcherphotography.com